The Priestess

She knew from a young age that she wasn’t the same; that the way she viewed the people around her was not the same as what others saw. As a child, she thought they were other peoples thought she was noticing, but now that she is older, wiser she knows they are energies. Be it all the same, thoughts, energies, she sees them all around people as she views them. Sometimes they are colors, sometimes shapes. Sometimes they seem more like she is witnessing a memory that is not hers to see. But she can. It’s all there. She witnesses pasts, presents, and occasionally futures of passerby’s.

As she sits in her office, peering through the door into her store front, she sees her office manger speaking to someone she can not see. It is the energy she can see though and knows this field all to well. Her eyes shut tight as she clenches the order form in her hand tightly as if it were the problem. Now that she has caught the field, it won’t dissipate, growing stronger in her mind as her office manager begins to speak louder. Before she can stop herself she feels herself moving through the room, but as she reaches the doorway all the feelings she had are fading quickly…gone. The field is gone. When she opens her eyes, they meet Calvin’s just in time for his words to sink in, “Man, that guy was intense!”

Calvin walked into her home four years ago to interview for the store manager position she had posted for on-line. As soon as she saw his field, he had the job. Strong, but kind. Brave, but not deceitful. He had a way of healing the energy in a room simply by entering it (but that could just be something she had noticed). Calvin had a very timeless look about him that she enjoyed, which didn’t hurt to have around, either. Women came to the shop just to drool in his direction on occasion. She needed him much more than she would ever care to admit.

As she refocused on him for a moment, she managed to let out, “Is he gone?” in a low mumble that Calvin clearly didn’t hear based on his expression. She moved past him out into the store seeing for herself that the man was long gone. Calvin could tell something was wrong with her and in his normal, overly honest fashion he followed behind her prodding, “You could feel him couldn’t you? Was that who I think it was? What do you think he wanted???”. She stopped and leaned her hands against the counter, having never been so happy there were no clients around, “Yes. Yes. And if I knew, you would know! ” she answered as she shot daggers at Calvin with her eyes.

Slowly she moved toward the store front, glancing out the windows at the other store fronts, searching for traces of the mans energy. He was long gone. “Rosie” she heard from behind her and she turned to see Calvin’s expressionless face calling her towards him. His arms stretched around her as she buried her face in his chest, the tears flowing that only the darkest field she knew could cause. It was consuming her to think about it. The memories that were never hers to begin with flowed through her mind and out of her eyes like a water fall. There was no controlling them. Calvin knew that. He held her tightly in his arms to comfort the uncomforted. She started to shake and grow weak, but Calvin supported her and coaxed her to outdated crush velvet sofa in her office and closed the door, leaving her alone.

Hours passed in silence in her office where she was meditating to release the dark energies that were not hers. The thoughts needed to be eradicated from her mind and her memories. They were starting to fester which never ended well for her.

She emerged from the office, slightly disheveled now from this dramatic episode and saw Calvin charming some clients in the front corner of the store. Slowly she moved through the store taking in the fields as a whole and smiling, simply relieved that they were just average visitors. Calvin heard her movement and smiled brightly at her, always grateful for her emergence. “Hello everyone, welcome” , she said brightly. She had never seen these women before, clearly not part of Calvin’s fan club, but they were watching her as if they knew her. One woman looked at her in awe for a moment before saying, “Are you..” “The priestess” Rosie finished for her, having heard it many times.  “Yes” they both said as Rosie smiled and hugged the woman tightly.



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