The Priestess – Part 2

Rosie was more than accustomed to the feeling that began when a stranger knew her, but she knew it would wear off eventually; she hoped. A few choices in her life had brought her to a mild celebrity status that still had not sunk in completely. The women went on and on incessantly about how much they adored her books and speeches. One even spoke about how much her appearance was such a great model for the masses. All Rosie could do was listen in awe at how in one quick year she had gone from zero to hero simply by speaking out about her gift. It seemed the world was enthralled by a living, breathing “witch”. That’s what the headlines were calling her, but she knew she was no real witch. She had no powers. No spells. At most, bewitching when she entered a room.

The women left the shop and she moved slowly back to her office and she could hear Calvin following her there. Her eyes rolled uncontrollably as they both entered the room. “They love you, Rose! You need to put yourself out there more or they will think you are a fake!”  Calvin said as he sat uncomfortably down on the velvet sofa that was much to small for such a large man. Rosie sat down in her desk chair and folded her hands on the desk, trying to sort through responses before uttering the wrong one. Finally, she looked up and they locked eyes. “Maybe I am,” shelet out. Calvin opened his mouth to speak but there was nothing; he could not stand for her to say things like that and she knew it. “Come on, woman, I’ve see it! I know what you can do, but they don’t. All they see is a pretty face that turns red when they flatter you.”

As the blood rushed to her face, she planted it down on the desk, hiding from Calvin. He giggled, “Rose, I know and you know these women don’t come here to see whats in the shop. They come for you!”

“They come to see you!” she mumbled without raising her head which made Calvin laugh uncontrollably.

Calvin was excessively tall. The kind of tall you can’t lose in a crowd. From what Rosie knew, he was lean with muscles hiding somewhere under the clothes she got to see him wear in the shop. He kept his hair in a Johnny Cash style pompadour that was always attention grabbing and even looked touchable on a bad day. She knew Calvin had lots of tattoos under those clothes, but she knew little of them. His eyes were grey with blue centers; they reminded her of ice cubes melting on a counter. But her favorite part of Calvin was how stern his face could look sometimes even though he was so gentle. Sometimes Rosie found herself lost in Calvin, like a book you just can’t seem to put down.

Rosie felt Calvin’s field moving closer to her and soon his hands were on the back of her shoulders, gently massaging her neck. Rosie melted every time Calvin touched her at all and this was no exception. She lifted her head from the desk and leaned back into her seat looking up into those grey eyes, “I don’t think I am cut out for fame,” she said.

He smiled down at her warmly and wrapped his arms around her from behind her chair, “Only one more hour today, love,” he said softly.

As he walked away from her, all Rosie could think about was the fact that if it were not for the decision to hire Calvin, she probably would have closed the shop long ago. He was the glue that held her together and she wasn’t sure he knew that at all. There were papers to be filled out and filed and phone calls to be made, but she couldn’t help it. No matter how hard she tried, she could not stop watching Calvin today. Something about him seemed so appealing today. Maybe it was the lavender gingham print shirt and black skinny tie. Maybe it was his field. She focused on that and saw something new.

Calvin’s field was, on a normal day, a rounded off, sky blue colored mist that seemed to surround him. Today, it seemed to be following him rather than surrounding him. As she watched Calvin move through the shop from her desk, she could not understand why it would be following him like a lost puppy. This made her wonder if it was her or him that was causing this. Rosie left her office to find out. “Calvin, is something on your mind currently?”

He set the box in his hands down on the glass case in front of him and turned his head to her because he knew where this was going, “Maybe. Whats wrong?” he retorted because he had vocalized many times that he did not like to be the center of her observations.

She looked him over from head to toe slowly, which was not unusual for her to do, but this time it seemed different. Her eyes closed when she got to his feet, “I have never seen someones field following them before. It’s like you have detached from it…or I have detached you in my mind. ”

Their eyes met and Calvin’s looked completely melted which made her nervous and forced her to break to contact. Calvin looked confused and afraid all at once. Her eyes roamed around. She felt Calvin move, but before she knew it his hands were on the sides of her face and lips were so close to her that she could feel their heat. “This is what was on my mind,” Calvin said gently to her as he pushed his lips to hers.

Everything went black.

Her eyes popped open and she was staring up at the ceiling of her office from the velvet sofa with a wet cloth on her forehead. Calvin was sitting on the floor holding her hand. When he saw her eyes open he smiled, “I won’t do that again!” he said sarcastically.





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