Hello World!

I recently finished my BS in Biology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. After my life plans fell through, I also fell through the floor. I cracked. Now I have found myself back at square one, unsure of where I belong in this big world.

Science is still the subject I love the most. That will never change. My thirst for knowledge is unquenchable; always seeking something new and exciting. Biology was my subject of choice because it satisfied the unquenchability. There is no end to the field, but instead it continues to restart from each new finish line.

During my stay in the Biology Department, I found myself in a philosophy class simply to fulfill a requirement, but it was that class that stirred up thoughts in my head and became my passion. A simple Intro class changed the way I felt about everything around me. It took me through topics that were not always easy, but provided me a lighter way to view them.

Now I search for the link between the two through myself. I write on this platform to express thoughts that I feel fit into both realms, and also because literature is my hobby. I am an avid reader and writer that aspires to make a link between science and philosophy that will lead me to something greater.