The Priestess – Part 2

Rosie was more than accustomed to the feeling that began when a stranger knew her, but she knew it would wear off eventually; she hoped. A few choices in her life had brought her to a mild celebrity status that still had not sunk in completely. The women went on and on incessantly about how … Continue reading The Priestess – Part 2


The Priestess

She knew from a young age that she wasn't the same; that the way she viewed the people around her was not the same as what others saw. As a child, she thought they were other peoples thought she was noticing, but now that she is older, wiser she knows they are energies. Be it … Continue reading The Priestess

Hello World. Goodbye Hero.

Hello world…It’s me again. We talk everyday. But I’ve never documented our conversations until now. So here goes nothing. I amĀ  your average, everyday girl facing the man and trying to defy the rules even though most days gravity is definitely working against me. I am a Gemini…the exact description of them because I also […]